Yea Chrisette Michele Was Tripping, But Why Didn’t We Go Hard on Mayweather?

Y’all remember when the Trump administration was scrambling for a black person to sing during the inauguration celebration, and finally got Chrisette Michele to take the bait?

Yea… I wasn’t with it and at lot of you weren’t either.  Before I go into that though, did you ever wonder why Mayweather didn’t get the same boycotted and disappointed response?  I mean the guy had pretty much front row seats to Donald’s speech!

Let me go back to where I share my opinion about Chrisette.  Here’s her reasoning behind her decision:

I said, ‘We have to be seen, somebody’s got to see us.’ The Democrats aren’t even coming, I’ve got to be one, and I’ve got to be there.”  “If we’re artists, if we’re supposed to be the people who shake the world with our art, then we’ve got to stand on stages where we’re uncomfortable, and tell our truth“.   “I want him to know what we have to say, what we think.”

Ready for my thoughts?  This is what I would’ve told Chrisette if I was perched on her shoulder at the time.

*Exhales* Hey girl wassup, it’s me.  I’m hearing your thought process and I see what you’re trying to do.  I could even be convinced to look more into your movement of showing who we are and what we’re about.  But Chrisette that aint the time and that aint the place.  This administration is scrambling to find black backing  They don’t care who you are or what you’re about right now.  Chances are the minds of the people who supported a man who so foully disrespected a American Muslim solider who died for this country and his family (amongst other things) in this moment are looking a bit… slim.

The voice of the absence of black people performing would have spoken volumes.  It would have showed that we are not on board and we are not standing with you.  During Trump’s campaign he was able to speak with many black people and other people of color.  I’m sure many told him some of the issues and concerns that trouble us as a whole.  Did you see any sign of addressing these issues during his campaign?  Have you seen anything now that he’s been in office?   Take this as a sign that he is just appeasing us, while he follows his own agenda.  Pictures speak 1,000 words and in 100 years from now a picture of you at his inauguration with no caption will lead people to think… oh okay, black people were on board with this.  Just like a picture of people protesting will tell people… oh okay, people were not messing with this.  An all white photo up would have told a much more honest story.  

I know that you wanted to be the voice of a people, but if the majority people are telling you… “hey we’re good for now thanks” listen to them!

Now, if you wanted to talk with him at any other point in time, that was not a celebration of his win into office, iight girl I see you do your thing!   I would however recommend that you push for an open discussion so he doesn’t use you as a photo opp and can be accountable for anything that he says or to know about any issue you tell him.

Now to everyone that was so hard on my girl Chrisette… Where we’re y’all when it came to my man Mayweather.  He got an estimated 1 billion dollar fight (his fight against Pacquiao was a $600 million dollar show), we bringing it up then?

Let’s not forget that he was front and center during the inauguration… hey boo!


Now though he didn’t say anything directly that proved he supported Trump, does it mean anything if he didn’t say anything against him?  

“We don’t know what can happen in life,” Mayweather told TMZ. “Only thing we can do is keep our fingers crossed, pray and hope for the best.”  “Barack Obama was a good president and hopefully, Donald Trump is a good president.”

Hmmm.  All I’m saying here is that I feel for Chrisette, because even though I didn’t agree with her performing, I see what she was attempting to do, and I question why the backlash was so harsh for her and not for him?




One thought on “Yea Chrisette Michele Was Tripping, But Why Didn’t We Go Hard on Mayweather?

  1. This is simple. Chrisette Michelle is not considered a pop star like a Beyonce, so a lot of people don’t care. Also because all people of different socio-economic backgrounds love Floyd for his money and his wealth and his boxing. Also Chrisette is a Black Woman so you know how that goes.


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