Globally Black.


I’ve been exploring the ability to diversify while focusing exclusively on black people.

Currently, we see businesses push campaigns that are heavily white – both in terms of models and marketing strategy.  Oops, I’m sorry when I say white I mean German, Australian, British, French, etc.  I mean that is how they define the diversity in their campaigns right?  But an all black campaign doesn’t represent a diversity huh… the old rope-a-dope.

My argument is that there lives a black population native to and prevalent on almost every continent on this earth.  From Aboriginals in Australia, to Afro-Latinos in South America, and Black Indians in Asia… we out here.  It’s very possible to have a campaign that is all black AND accurately representative of the world.

Don’t get tripped up thinking we’re minorities in America because they say African Americans make up less than 20% of the country.  More African’s were brought to South America during the slave trade than North America.  Of course we have to count the African explorers doing their thing before, during and after and that time (how you think we expanded out to Australia, East Asia, etc.  Think of the diaspora of the Moors.

So lets look at some numbers:

  • Today there’s about 7.4 billion people on Earth
  • About 1.2 billion people in Africa
  • Around 400,000,000 South Americans
    • Because of the ‘lack of agreement across South America about who is black‘  there isn’t an exact breakdown of the amount of people of African decent.  Countries estimated Afro-Latino populations ranges from 5 to 66 percent.
    • Wikipedia says Brazil has 55 million people of Afro descent compared to Americans 42.  The guardian claims that the Brazilian number is as high as 97 million making them the majority of the population.
  • An estimated 1.3 billion people in India
  • It’s also safe to say there’s a good amount of people of African descent in south-western Asia because of its close proximity to Africa – see the map below.



With some of the numbers above in addition to others reported for other regions, we’re looking at a world that is at the least half black.  This makes black the majority  race.  So that brings me back to these media campaigns that are mostly white.

Now I’m not here begging for anything.  I just want to assure myself and others to not be mistaken of how prevalent we are in the world.  Having our media controlled by mostly white people could surely confuse people into thinking the latter *side eyes*.  These companies can’t rest on having a diverse campaign with a bunch of white people from different countries, but then shy away from creating one with a bunch of black people from those same countries.

My favorite argument is – Yeah we need to add blacks, but also LGBT, Asian, Latino, etc.  Yes we do, you right *Oliva Pope Meme*!  Black people are even more underrepresented in those groups so lets get to work!

The moral of the story is: Don’t let people confuse you.  They may not even do it on purpose, but it’s our job to use our critical thinking skills.  My next article will explore the real population of Native Americans in South, Central and North America.

I mean major parts of these regions were colonized by the Spanish.  Spain is in Europe.  White people are in Europe.  People from Spain have entirely different characteristics than people in countries like Mexico.  I believe Mexicans have similar features to Native Americans.  We already know that many Latinos identify strongly with Latino culture, while I believe people in the United State identify strongly with race.  As a black person I may say I’m African American, while a black person in South America may be more prone to say I’m Brazilian or Colombian.  Is it possible that Mexicans and other Latino groups with similar features are indeed descendants of Native Americans as a result of another type of sick history genocide?

I mean shoot is 1+1 not equalling 2 here?  

Anyway I’m definitely putting my finger back on that topic.  When your past and current history is so grossly and continuously manipulated by others, you have to rely on your brain to try to connect pieces together.



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