Zaammmm Rem, You Aint Have to do Em Like Dat


I know I’m a couple days late with this but dammit I had to get my mind right after this one!

So if you’re currently breathing, theres a good chance that you’ve heard Remy’s diss record Shether.  If you didn’t let me highlight the juice:

  • Rem claims Meek told her he couldn’t have sex with Nicki for 3 months due to a butt implant malfunction
  • Rem questioned Nicki’s loyalty by bringing up her leaving Safari for Meek when they had beef… supposedly started by her, #pillowtalk?  And then heading back to Drake and Wanye after the year of the L for Meek?
  • She highlighted the traces of ghostwriters sprinkled throughout Nicks recent albums
  • Joked about Nicki calling out Miley from across the VMA stage… How you gun beef with Hannah Montana?
  • Explained to all of us how a 360 deal between 3 different labels can have an artist only taking in .35 cent off the dollar
  • Held Nicki responsible for all the young girls dying for botched surgeries
  • Broadcasted Nicki’s financial supporting her 37 year old brother who is currently in court for raping a 12 year old girl

Yall… I mean where do you we even go from here?  The internet had a field day!


I mean we don’t need any proof that Rem is about this life.  Not only is she a verbal savage and bully, lets not forget shawty a real life shooter – “I did six years bitch I’m nice with a can top!”  Unlike any other rappers in the game, male or female, Remy’s probably one of the very few that will see someone and pop… literally and figuratively.

Damn son, believe Cardi B when she said “New York bitches are savages!“.

Rem had the public asking some real questions: Is Nicki responsible, in part, for the dangerous craze of plastic surgery?  How loyal is she?  What’s that about her brother doe?  Did she really go at Hannah Montana?

So where do I think Nicki should go given this public dragging?

The album sales posting, and the Beyonce kudos was a weak move.  I’m really glad the internet reinforced this fact.  Yes, we know you have money… a good amount of it steaming from pop crossover and catering to the other side.  But this is a rap battle and everyone is expecting Nick to show and prove.

Now as a spectator expect her to get in the ring, but as a friend she should probably take this lower case l and sit this one out.  What can she say about Rem if the public aint going for no money jabs?  Also, let me repeat: Rem is about that life.  Is Nicki ready to face any and all repracussions after disrespecting Rem?

Best thing to do is Stevie wonder this thing and act like it never happen (even though we won’t).  Nicki has kind of been doing that but she messed up by doing a couple things.  Going at Trey after he posted a video denying Rems claims of the two having sex on twitter was definetly a fumble.  A stumble after Trey responded: Don’t be mad a me be mad at Remy. Ouch!


Charlamagne tha God claims that she sent him a text calling him phony for his remarks on the track.  I will never understand people being upset with someone who’s job it is to report and comment on current events.  Like girl you surprised?  So now we know that contrary to those unbothered pictures you been posting on the gram, you really in ya bag, graduating from stumbling to tripping.

Nicki I’m with you ma, there’s really not much you can do without hurting yourself.  Leave it alone.

I won’t lie though, the devil on my shoulder is whispering Nick, Meek it up.

PS: Wassup with that icon Nicki has on the gram and twitter… who that suppose to be?  Hmph.  Y’all know me, let me save that identification issue for another article.







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