Kanye… Thats Y’alls Mans?


Alright yall… take a deep breath and brace yourself:  Kanye West may not like black people.

Okay so maybe it’s not that extreme but things just aren’t adding up, plus he’s been dropping some weird vibes over the years.  I understand if that’s your mans, but think about it… is he yours?  Lets talk this out.

So the first sign for me was the price of his clothes.



Kanye sold a plain white T-Shirt for $120 and it sold out.  Now this may say more about people than Ye but damn son.  I won’t be naive or hypercritical by not admitting that this is how the world works.  But is it wrong for me to have wished that Kanye could’ve balanced out some of the limited and expensive items with a second tier line for his fans.  The fans who are in the same financial situation he was when he first started?  Beyonce and Dereon, Jay and Rocawear, Nelly and Applebottoms, FUBU and even the Kardashian’s (Sears clothing line) all had, at one time or another, had clothing lines that was affordable to their fans whose mass loyalty put them where they are now while still selling expensive products.   But you know what I let it go because just like Gucci a successful black man has the right to produce luxury items at luxury prices.  Also I understand establishing your worth, but still… something is just not sitting right with me.

So cool – I figure I’d let that young man shine, maybe I’m tripping until this next point:

He talked about “race and the idea of racism in the world” at one of his concerts last year.  He told  black people “stop focusing on racism”, that the world was racist and to stop being distracted by focusing on it as much.  I 100% agree with half of what he said.   I totally agree in self determination and that we can do any mother fucking thing we want to mother fucking do on this mother fucking Earth with out begging nobody for mother fucking nothing.  But we are being attacked.   It might as well be legal for another race to murder a black boy and get away with it whether we focus on it or not.  Think about this:

If I’m building my own house with my own money and my own materials I’m lit right?  What if someone comes and burns my house to the ground?  I clean up and I get to building again.  Same person burns it down again.   Do I say something or ignore it and let it continue?

This is the symbolism of a part of what’s going on in this country.  Am I focusing on racism when I march to stop police brutality?  What about mass incarceration and harsher sentencing?   Should I ignore the fact that a 16 year old Brian Banks was wrongfully imprison and sentenced to 6 years for rape after facing 41 years to life when white teen Jonn R. K. Howard raped a teen with a hanger and got probation?   Kanye is no stranger to things like this – its apparent through his old music.  Should we not focus on things like this?  If Kanye’s daughter were to face the same fate as Sandra Bland, would he not want our support?  Let’s not forget how government murdered and deported many of our leaders.  Shit is real and Kanye knows this.  All this to say that at some point you have to acknowledge the elephant in  the room.

Even if y’all don’t agree with me.  Let’s not forget that Kanye pleaded with the fashion industry to:

not discriminate against me because I’m a black man or a celebrity to tell me I can’t create in that field.  Cause you know damn well aint no black guys or celebrities is making no louie vuitton nothin… They said no nigga stay in your place’.  

But we should support him with that huh?  This kid ranted for a whole year about that, now all a sudden we shouldn’t complain about open season on blacks?  Miss me with that bullshit, thanks.

Now on top of all that if y’all still not rocking with me, hear this point:

This man said if he was to have voted he would of voted for Trump.  Wait… this can’t be the same man who got on live TV and said George Bush doesn’t like black people, nah bro impossible.   To be fair I talked about this with a friend and he thinks that once you make a certain amount of money your views change, especially when it comes to taxes, the private sector and regulations.  I will be even more fair to note that Kanye made donations to Hillary’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.  

But no matter what incentives any candidate gives, is a gain ever worth the allowance of the persecution and abuse of more people?  I’m not saying democrats are angels, but I will argue that Donald Trump was the worse of two evils.  He aint even hide it though, Donald let all of us know what plans he had for us and how he was going follow through it if he won the election.   And Kanye said he would have voted for this guy?  That’s y’alls man?

That don’t sound like this Kanye:

How we stop the black panthers?
Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer
You hear that?
What Gil Scott was hearing
When our heroes and heroines got hooked on heroin
Crack raised the murder rate in DC and Maryland
We invested in that it’s like we got Merril-Lynch
And we been hanging from the same tree ever since


Kanye got on and left our ass for some next shit… among other things.

I’m trippin?


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