So… We’ll See You At The Next Meeting?


By this time we’ve all see the mass protests supporting women, LGBT, Mexicans, Native Americans and Muslims.  It’s definitely a season of having backs and acknowledging struggle.  Before I get into the meat and potatoes let me goahead and say that I am all about individual and cultural empowerment.  It makes me happy to see that people are coming out by the waves to support injustices that do not directly affect them.

My only concern is making sure the wave continues to support everything that is the black lives matter movement.  There has been unequal pay, the breaking of our constitutional rights, gentrification kicking us out of our land, a ban on black people claiming the deep trauma of past (and present) and the list goes on.  We out here, and though I totally believe in our capabilities in terms of self determination, ‘they’ are actively out here attacking us from all fronts… and I believe it would be nice to have some help.

Last year the Federal Government ruled that it is legal to ban or discriminate against people with dreadlocks.  So if your potential boss aint with your dreads… you aint with a job.

Office worker sitting behind stacks of documents in office, portrait

John Bel Edwards, Louisiana governor, has signed the Blue Lives Matter Bill where public safety workers are also protected under hate crime laws.  This means that if someone was to assault a police officer they can also be charged with hate crime.  Now at this point a blind man has seen a police officer on camera falsely claiming assault or battery.  I’m willing to bet that there are hundreds – if not more – black men and women suffering the effects of similar charges they did not commit through fines, a tarnish record or even jail time.  Now we’re adding on to the pile?   

Another 2016 plan coming out of North Carolina – a law limiting who can view a police officers body camera footage.  What the entire fuck?  This has been the only tool that we have been able to use to promote and prove police brutality.


Please believe that there has a been a cycle of laws, many that we don’t know which are put in play to hurt us.  People spend our tax money and time sitting at tables planning to sabotage and hide shit instead of working towards making things better and open.

Add the fact that politicians and legislators are overwhelming one race/gender – probably reminiscing the good old times of segregation.  And though were are influential and out here AF, we make up less than 20% of Americans.

So what does this all mean?   It means it would be nice to have some of that support going around.  Protests, tweet, share, post, write letters, etc.  We need a Judge James Robart (judge who declared the Muslim ban unconstitutional).  We need media coverage that paints us as something other than a terrorist group.  Why you say?  Because is painting subconscious hate and fear into our future leaders of all races.

Side rant: An example of these subconscious effects – Is it just me or do metropolitan areas seem so comfortable hanging the rainbow LGBT flag, but there is a void of black lives matter flags.  Now I’m not begging no one to represent me, but this is a great example of people being uncomfortable with us, supporting us or what BLM stands for – even though we are fighting for the same basic rights.

Anyway hopeful there a big universal change in the works that will incorporate us all and things will be gravy.

As always, please let me know if I’m tripping.




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