Trump’s New ‘African American’ History Month Proclaimation vs Black’ History Month


Bitch whe?

Can anything coming from this guy surprise us anymore?   For my brains sake I’m going to veer away from the fact that this white man is letting us know how us black people should identify themselves.  I’m going to talk about the difference between ‘Black’ and ‘African American’.  In my everyday life I use Black and African American interchangeably, but when it comes to me having to break some shit down for somebody I use Black.

Why you ask?  Iight let me break it on down.

Black people are the most hated on people on earth, and I’m not being cheeky.  When you think of Latinos, who comes to mind?   Any of them Afro Latino?  Try to name 10.  When’s the last time you seen an all black Latino commercial?  Don’t remember?  Add that to the fact that there’s more people of Afro descent in South America than North America.   I mean damn we’ve heard whats been happening to the Afro Brazilians since the olympics was anounced.  Ever heard of the Aboriginal’s in Australia?  Black people persecuted in their native lands to this day.  In Asia there is racism amongst those of darker shades in India and China.

With all of that I’m just putting the tip in.  We’re just those people you love to hate… rob, shame and kill.

If someone ever tells you they can’t do a project with all blacks because it’s not diverse, tell them there is black on every contentinent except for Anartica… and I don’t even know that for sure cause I aint never been there myself to see.  But what has been labled diverse is a group of white people from these different places.

The term African American celebrates the African in us.  All Black people (and everyone else too) has African in them but not all black people see themselves as African or American.  I believe thats why ‘Black’ history month should stay Black history month.

Plus I aint here for some old white racist guy telling me what’s good for me.  Making changes without even talking to the masses about it.  In terms of politics I’ve always stood by these words:  How can someone make decisions for me and my people if they don’t know me or my people?  

Donald Trump can kiss my black ass.

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