Y’all Ever Wondered Who Young Children Influenced by Black Culture is Going to Grow Into?


From boxer braids, to the revitalized sensation of strippers and pairing stripping with aerobics, to twerkers in Russia and trap rappers in Japan and everything that makes Kim Kardashian important… You can’t deny the influence of black people.  

There is a hub of people, especially young people who are addicted to watching endless streams of black media.  They are scrolling through #blacktwitter to get the scoop and studying nae nae dance videos all night instead of doing homework.  I can hear them whispering nigga’ in a rap song as I type.  Is it just me wondering how this all is going to play out?

I mean there could be some good that comes from this.  Of course I’m not hyping the theft of black culture (I’ll be getting into that in on of my next posts).  I’m thinking that there is going to be a generation that has grown up publicly or privately idolizing black people.  Now this can go three ways:

  1. More people grow up to respect and understand black people.  You can ‘cash us in more streets’ where no ones crossing to the other side for their safety… how bout dat’?
  2. The youth will turn out to be closet watchers, ashamed of their admiration of black people.  They may even get spiteful and bitter to cover it up.
  3. The youth and current media will do whatever they can to let the world know that this was all their idea and the cycle of the Kardashians trendsetting boxer braids and elvis being the creator of rock and roll will keep spinning. 

Why do I have this odd feeling that it’s going to be number three?  I mean when I was younger I never understood how a group could steal anothers culture.   Like isn’t culture an intangible thing?   Then I thought about it… When was the last time I seen a break dancing crew on TV where black person was the token?  If I was born in the 80’s I’d be so confused.  Kim Kardashian was hyped for her acrylic nails and cornrolls the other day.  Like that wasn’t 1 out of the 5 of us in high school.  Like the the spellcheck didn’t hit me with the red dotted line when I typed cornrolls.


For Petes Sake E! discovered the hotcomb last year! 


Our grandparents didn’t get shown any love after their culture was pillaged, our parents didn’t and neither did people like these lovely young ladies below… one time for them y’all.

I’m hoping for the best doe.


What’s your thoughts?  

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