In a White World, Should Students Attend a Black School? Are We Here for HBCUs?


Uhh… Hell yes.  If you know anyone who thinks differently, calmly escort them to this page.

Okay let me back it up.  Before I was blessed by an HBCU I was a high schooler in a suburbs off the coasts of New York City.  While exploring one most impactful decisions of my life I was told that I shouldn’t apply to an all black college or university because I don’t live in an all black world.  Funny I could have sworn that I didn’t live in an all white world either.

I have one great example that explains why students of color should explore applying to an HBCU.  No, it has nothing to do with watching the fraternities and sororities do their thing on campus.  Nothing to do with exploring the eye opening diversity of black and nothing to do with the promise of soul food Thursday to make it feel like home.

It’s more about what happened during my junior year in my US studies class.  I had a teacher who everyone knew was at the least a little bit racisit, but he was funny so we looked past some of his wild comments.

So we were in class spending the two second national average on African Americans aka slavery (rolls eyes) and he drops this bomb:

Slavery wasn’t as bad as people would have you think.  Most people had one or two slaves, which were very expensives.  They couldn’t afford to seriously injure them.

Bihh whe?  Nah, actually I thought about this.  It kind of did make sense… I mean who would buy a car just to crash it right?  I spent the next two years rationalizing his statement in my head.  It wasn’t until I took my first manditory black focused class at my HBCU that I realized how wrong my high school teacher was.

Let’s hold the mental trauma experienced by the African American slave and focus on slave dispursement.  See I’m willing to be that like money today, most slaves were owned by a smaller percentage of wealthy whites who used devilish tactics to control such a large amount of people.

In school we reviewed cases were men and women were skinned alive.  Where blacks were slowly roasted over fires with their gentiles sold to the highest bidder at happy carnival style functions.  We learned the definition of evil and demonic.  

It scares me that if I went to a PWI I would have kept my high school teachers notion in my head.  Who knows, I could’ve turned out to be one of those ‘all lives matter’ types.  It was so important to learn and explore the specific and delibrit actions white people used to set us back and how my people still blossomed while contributing to this country.  Today so many black people know that ‘they’ in the government have and are plotting against us.  Society loves to make us think we’re crazy.  It’s empowering to know what specifically ‘they’ have done and are doing.

Moving away from that important point, another empowering thing is to be on campus on a beautiful day seeing fly ass young ass black people stylin and being poping as per usual.  Black young people that are smart af heading to class, their internship and later to be powerful, impactful, influential and inspirational.  We learn how to have pride in who we are so that we can go out into the world to flaunt it professionally and creatively.  I would much rather be that instead of conforming into the white box that the world tries to pack you in then calling it successful.   We are able to build ourselves up before were doused in this ‘white world’.

Plus I didnt have the heart to have a student at a PWI coming at me on some ‘can I touch your hair’ mess.







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