Would Acknowledging Black Issues on Social Media Affect My Career?

Millennials are soon going to realize the impact of their social media presence.  We’ll be able to know what future presidents thought about the MTV awards while in college, or maybe even catch the young and reckless vibes of a new prime minister.

What will that mean for the black person who likes to highlight the issues, norms, and successes of the black community?  I mean I don’t know about you, but ever since I’ve entered young adulthood I think twice before posting content pertaining to my race; even about posting important black issues!

It hurts me that I even have to consider this.  Am I sacrificing my future career by posting about the racial injustices for blacks in America, or commenting about my views on our culture?  Must this blog remain relatively anonymous?  Is posting about the lack of diversity in congress the same as posting a lewd comment, or a nude picture?

I don’t think so, but why do I feel so nervous when I write an entry?  So much so that I almost regularly erase and close out my profile.

I believe that society embeds in us a culture of ‘throwing mess in the closet when company comes’.  We are encouraged to ignore things that damage and hurt us, emotionally, mentally and psychologically – especially we as black people.

I do acknowledge that there are things that I would, of my own accord, consider censoring because I would not want to offend anyone.  However, I don’t believe speaking on the injustices, great strides of my race or everyday commonalities should be considered offensive or inappropriate.

So why do I feel so guilty?  Can you give a sister some advice?

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