Why Can’t I Be Angry Without Being Labeled an ‘Angry Black Woman’

Ladies lets take a moment and address the elephant in the room: As a black woman, how can I be angry without being an ‘Angry Black Woman’.

Lord knows that we as women, and we as people of color have a lot to be upset about.  Black women are strong because we deal with how the world reacts to our race and gender every day.  We are persecuted because of our skin color, devalued because our features and are consistently shamed for our culture that somehow gets remixed and glorified by other races… how bout dat?

Why is it that arguably one of the most mistreated demographics is expected to mute their opinions and feelings?  It seems like when other races and genders are upset they’re labeled: dominant, proactive, strong, and above all: still reasonable and worth listening to.

Ladies, it’s okay to be angry, and I will not waste this post writing about how I think you should channel and express your anger.  I am here to tell you not to allow someone to belittle your anger because you are a black woman.  In the words of Solange: You have the right to be mad!

They say anger is a secondary emotion.  First someone feels sad, hurt, wronged, etc. and as a result anger happens.  If someone is angry pay attention to what caused the anger.  Even if its not obvious, consider that we as black people, especially women, have been exposed to traumatic environments as soon as we slipped out the womb.  Evaluate that as best as you can before you cast someones feelings aside and label them a cliché.

Consider this as you evaluate the people you’ve experienced anger from, and think about if there’s a difference in your reaction.  Why is there a difference?  Do you think there should be a difference?

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