A Good Church Experience: Love, Power + Population


Today I had one of the best experiences in church in a whhyyy lleee.

After searching for the greater part of this year, I’ve finally found the church I’ve been looking for.

I came to Washington, DC for school in 2009 and always attended church on campus.  ‘Chapel’ had the support of the University’s population, and the appeal from the famously impressive and motivating speakers that graced the stage every Sunday.

When I left the University I brought with me the burden of finding a new church home.

I wasn’t looking for anything 3005 like, just some love, some power and most importantly a population.

Too many churches I visited had a population of about 15, mostly older women, who glared at new comers all service until the suspiciously tailored call to worship at the end of the service.  The atmospheres read from start to end: Hello join the church Have a seat join the church Have a good day Join the church.

Why is population so important to me?  Well it shows me that the ministry is proactive in preaching the word and capturing the spiritual minds of the community.  Look around we all notice that there is an increasingly lowering number of youth and young adults who are coming to church without kicking and screaming.

2016 Pastors must understand that they may have to switch it up a bit to satisfy all demographics while realizing there’s nothing wrong with having to do so.  The goal is to always continue the word for the next generation.  How can you do that without the next generation in the pews Sunday morning?

So lets go speakers, preachers, pastors and leaders of 2016!  Let me see you in the community, starting fun and attractive youth groups in your church, building a real relationship with the brothers and sisters outside and highlighting problems and success stories during service.

It’s time to get your hands dirty.  #RestoreOurChurches




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